New School Management Plus
Functional in more than 200 schools & colleges since 2004.
The updates of one school are enjoyed by all.
Thus we share experiences of Educational Experts.

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Visually Compelling & Functional
Share your pictures and videos with the whole word.
Make unlimited videos and pictures gallaries of different functions.

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Accounts + RESULTS
Delievers more than 250 Reports including 52+ charted reports
13 Modules have been included. From students registeration, accounts, examinations upto your school's ledger, cash book, teacher's accounts and stock etc.
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Publishes your results on the web
If you haven't your own website, don't worry. We are here to make your results online at a very low and reasonable rates. By one click your whole results along with DMCs will be on the web.

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Web Cam facility
Make a greater impact when you print DMCS,Certificates and other reports with images of the students
Your web cam connected with the new school management plus captures students' images and circulate them in examinations, accounts, certificates, DMCs etc.
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Stay connected to your students on the go with a MajorMedia custom mobile app.
Now sms messages of dues, payments, DMCs,exams' schedules, other informations and even daily absentees to the parents.

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Keep Your Stocks Upto Date
You can create stocks' registers for your computer Lab, Science Lab, Literary books and any other general stock. You can add unlimited items to each stock.

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Details of School + College Examinations

The Students' registration Section ( Admission Withdrawal ) is the back bone of this software. Here you can keep the bio data of all your present and ex-students. All the other Parts t.e accounts, examinations, sms etc use this part and keep the data updated accordingly.
   If You wish to keep the data of your total students in one registration book ( One unit formula ), You can do this by using the section 'All In One'. In this section the admission number ( serial Number ) of a student from play group or Nursery to SSC or HSSC remains unchanged through out the academic years.    In this software, you have also the option to keep the data of your students section-wise. The student admitted by one admission number (Serial number) in the Lower Section like Primary Section will be allotted a new admission number (Serial number) when he/she is promoted to the higher section like Middle Section. We have the following named sections.
 Note :  All the sections have the facility to keep the pictures of the students (optional). More details and videos will be added soon to each section like the one added in attendance register below.

  1. College Section:

    In this section one can keep the records of F.A / F.Sc students 1st year, 2nd year (Arts, pre-Medical, pre-Engineering, Computer Science ).
    If your college is related with the technical Board, You can also keep the records of 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year of D-Com, Civil-Engineering, Electrical-Engineering and Mechanical-Engineering.

  2. High Section:

    In this section one can keep the records of SSC students 9TH and 10TH classes ( Arts plus Science). Here you have the option to keep the students in sub classes like 9TH A, 9TH B etc or 10TH A, 10TH B, 10TH C etc.

  3. Middle Section:

    In this section one can keep the records of 6Th, 7TH and 8TH classes students. Here we have provided the same option for sub classes like 6TH A, 6TH B, 6TH C etc.

  4. Primary Section:

    In this section one can keep the records of the students of Classes KG, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th having sub classes like 5TH A, 5TH B, 5TH C, 5TH D etc.

  5. Nursery Section:

    In this section we have included Nursery and Pre-Nursery (Play Group) Classes with sections like A,B,C etc.

  6. BISE Related:

    In this section, we have included enrollment fore-farmas and some other fore-farmas related with Board. So that you can easily send students' informations required to Boards

  7. 3 In 1 :

    In this section we have included Students’ bio data, their all terms examinations and their current accounts. Therefore you can see everything about your students with ease.

  8. Admission Form:

    In this section, We have included to prepare the admission form of a student to print for keeping in the record as a hard copy.

  9. Students' Identity Card :

    Students’ identity cards can be prepared by a single click depends upon you whether you wish to print these cards class wise, single or section wise.

  10. Web Came :

    This facility has been included so that you may have not the difficulty to scan a picture and resize it. The picture captured by web came is directly saved in the students' biodata which the software use for different type of reports like DMCs,Certificates etc.

  11. Attendance Register :

    In this section, You can maintain register for all your classes. Please click the read more button to see the details as well as the related video.

  12. Online Support :

    In This section you can watch videos which demonstrate how to use different sections of the Admission Withdrawal Section without browsing the website but directly within the software.

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Muhammad Sajid
The Learner's School
I really appreciate your efforts for updating the software according to the school needs.

Avicenna Model School Dargai
This is a very good effort to save the time of the administration and the teaching staff and record the data of students accurately and easily searchable. I am sure you will be working hard to make it more authentic. Thank You

Avicenna Model School Dargai
I also wanted to have a program that can make my institute computerize and easily accessible. This program has really solved that problem. I really appreciate your efforts.


alfatima hashmia school
i need to create the daily class wise atendance from class nursery to matric

sham sul islam
Al-azhar educational institute

sham sul islam
Al-azhar educational institute

Aizaz ali










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