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This is a very common question nowadays and it has been asked many times by everyone. In this article, I will answer all of your questions.

So let's start!

Plantations are the most harmless activity when our planet becomes too dry, because they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is one of the main causes of global warming and climate change. The amount of rain per year cannot be more than 100mm in most areas of South Asia and parts of North America. It means that we need to plant much more trees and other plants to protect against these climatic changes. We need to act now! The biggest mistake you make to plant trees is to think they grow at a faster rate than living things. And then you also feel bad when you see them getting dead. That is completely false, because if you have plants growing for thousands of years only to die, it does not mean that it is because of some environmental problem like global warming. Most of them are alive and their roots remain intact. They take up water from soil, they are an indicator of oxygen levels, and even they grow without water until well into autumn and winter, because the soil absorbs water. But still, this can affect our health. How long you stay in one place, how clean your air and even if you live near forests, it is important to think about planting trees every few feet, so that the next generation is safe. So what is causing deforestation? According to UNEP, the most urgent issue at this stage is the climate crisis. What I am referring to here is global warming and the increased amount of rainfall. Because the temperature and amount of precipitation are increasing each year there is no natural way to control those two elements. Deforestation occurs everywhere in large numbers, both on the international scale and within countries. Some of the reasons for deforestation are urbanization, poverty, poor agricultural land, and corruption. People who want to cut down trees for timber will always find their way there, which is why governments should pay attention to this matter. Also, it is crucial to educate people about the importance of plants and trees. At least the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has done just that and made it compulsory under its agenda to cover forest conservation. If you are really committed to saving the environment, don't forget to plant some trees! Just do it for yourself and help keep Earth clean. What is the difference between wood and tree? A tree has no leaves or bark, it doesn't produce any nutrients. All the branches of a tree can be used, but it is not going to become useful. Wood, on the other hand, has several branches and a wide range of use. You're not going to harvest as much as possible without damaging the ecosystem. For example, cedar and oak trees have much more useful timber than pine trees. However, that does not guarantee that you'll get trees for the market. Therefore, trees that are grown at home can be more useful, not in terms of the usefulness of their wood, but in terms of their economic value! One more interesting point: you'll never see the same trees again. Even though the forests are destroyed, it is difficult to restore the same exact species because of the genetic variability. For example, there are different types of apple trees. Apple trees vary according to certain regions, and those variations are found within the entire world. Hence, nobody can be sure that you will get apples from the same region. Thus, it is hard to say where exactly the apples were cultivated. Imagine if you could see the same trees with the same characteristics three or four years after they were planted! So the big mistake, we should all make, is not to plant such huge amounts of trees and other plants and not to understand that this would actually help us prevent massive problems. Nowadays we have more awareness of the danger of greenhouse gases and the fact that if we cut off a small portion of the trees, we can cause damage to animals and humans. However, I hope I have given you enough reasons on why trees are better than forests. Go out and plant a little bit of something, in order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we emit. Remember: it is easy to be happy when we see animals thriving after being saved!